FFH Foundation

FFH Foundation

Farmington Community Library

The Farmington Community Library was one of our Fall 2016 grant award recipients.  We recently received an update from the Children’s Librarian, Jill Webb.  Jill reports that the 1000 Books before Kindergarten program is continuing to grow and succeed and that they currently have over 950 children registered for this program!  128,100 books have been read and 30 children have read 1000 books and completed the program.  They are very excited about the number of families who are sharing the joy of reading.

The $1000.00 grant award has been used to purchase 108 high quality hardcover books which will be awarded to the children who complete their 1000th book.  These purchases will provide some exceptional choices for them to add to their home libraries.


The sticker that was specially designed for the program and is placed on the inside front cover of each book

Some of the books that have been purchased with the FFHFYF grant award

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